Lorenzo Baldassarri Profile and Biography

Lorenzo Baldassarri is a Moto2 racer who was born on November 6, 1996 at San Severino Marche, Italy. He is currently in the shade of the Forward Racing Team with vehicle number 7. Baldassari was also the winner of the 2011 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup competition. He also competed in the CIV 125GP CEV Championship and Moto3 Championship and the Moto3 World Championship.

It could be said that Lorenzo Baldassarri’s career was more fortunate than his senior, Valentino Rossi, the Italian rider who was Rossi’s protégé at the VR46 Riders Academy training because he won the first podium in the race held in his own homeland, Italy, in 2016.

Lorenzo Baldassarri also became a racer who displaced Doni Tata Pradita’s position in the Gresini Moto2 Team. Some experts say that he has some similarities with the late Marco Simoncelli driver. His tall, curly haired body and also both came from the Gresini team.

Lorenzo Baldassarri Profile

In 2013, Lorenzo Baldassarri made his career debut in Moto 3 but the results were unsatisfactory so at the end of the standings, he was unable to collect points. Many people assume that this 21-year-old man has a body that is too high so it is not comfortable to control a Honda FTR 125 cc motorbike that is too small.

Despite failing, in 2014, Lorenzo Baldassarri succeeded in taking the class to Moto2 with a 250cc motorbike. Why can? Even though the previous year he did not succeed in gaining points. He followed in the footsteps of Maverick Vinales, Luis Salom and Jonas Folger who made it to class in Moto2. That’s all because of the consideration of 181 cm tall Baldassari. Then, he was recruited from Gresini Moto3 to Gresini Moto2.

The Italian rider is currently still a Moto2 driver under the auspices of the Forward Racing team with team mate Luca Marini. During the 2015 Moto2 season, Lorenzo Baldassarri won a total of 96 points from 17 draws and he managed to get on the podium once. While in the following year, Baldassari drove a Suter motorbike, he was only able to reach 20 points.

The process of joining Lorenzo Baldassarri to the VR46 Riders Academy was inseparable from the help of two of The Doctor’s colleagues, Uccio and Alberto. He also was friends with Valentino Rossi for a long time because he often practiced together at the Ranch. Baldassari revealed Rossi often gave him advice but when in the race they rarely met because they were preoccupied with their respective activities. Lorenzo Baldassarri is determined to immediately take the class to MotoGP and defend the Valentino Rossi Team. He admitted that he deeply idolized the mentor who is currently still on the Movistar Yamaha Team until the 2018 season.

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